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Endless is best known in competition for its unique Endurance Racing pads which were first made famous at Bathurst on the winning Larry Perkins car in 1995. Endless also produce a range of street / competition pads which have been used successfully in Rallying and in GT Production circuit racing.


They are noted for:

  • Excellent cold performance
  • Excellent modulation - can be taken to almost lockup and held at that point
  • Fade free up to 800°C
  • Good wear on discs

    There are many compounds available, but those the most commonly used for excellent street performance are:


    SS-Y - Street Performance Pad   

    Improved initial bite and quick fade recovery on the street.


    Recommended for:

    - Increased brake performance on the street.

    - Sporty street driving.




    NS97 - Advanced Street Performance Pad 


    Incredible all round street pad, low pad wear, long rotor life, superb initial response and exceptional low brake dust.

    One of the highest performing street compound within the Endless line up.

    Recommended for:

    - Street/freeway driving with good bite and long life during high temperature situations.


    - Great braking force while maintaining clean wheels.



    SS-M - Street Low Dust Pad


    Balanced performance, increased life, low noise, high brake feel level and super low dust.


    Recommended for:

    - Low dust accumulation on wheels.

    - Balance between street and sports driving.



    SS-H - Street Pad for OE Brembo Calipers


    Offers race like performance without the noise, the highest performing street compound in the Endless lineup.


    Recommended for:

    - Those who want the highest performance from a street pad.


    - Those who need their brake pads to be extremely quite.




    Premium Compound - High Performance Street Compound for European Cars


    Quick bite, low dust, high performance street compound.


    Recommended for:

    - Increased brake performance on the street.

    - Sporty street driving.






    MX-72 - Street & Light Track Semi-Metallic Compound


    The ultimate, dual purpose street/light track compound. low noise, low dust and high friction at lower temperatures


    Recommended for:

    - Street/highway/circuit.

    - Heavy minivans and SUVs.


    MXRS - Street & Light track Semi-Metallic Compound

    The ultimate, dual purpose street/light track compound. Slightly higher dust than MX72 but better Pedal Feel


    Recommended for: 

    - Street/highway/circuit.

    - Heavy minivans and SUVs.


    PC 35 - Full Track day, Targa Tas, Circuit Racing pad.  

    PC35 was developed based on N35S, It has better heat resistance and a shorter stiffer pedal feel than N35S.
    The stiffer pedal gives you a better bite feeling, because of the shorter pedal travel.
    If you like a softer pedal N35S would best suit you but if you like a short firm pedal PC35 is the one.

    PC35 is the most popular Endless pad compound for applications from circuit Racing to Tarmac Rallying and Track Days.

    It has high initial bite and good modulation, with a friction coeffecient range of 0.40µ to 0.45µ and a temperature range up to 800°C.

    PC35 has been used to win races and championships in care from Historic Mustangs to Mitsubishi Evos, and has won Targa Tasmania.

    BSMSPORT stocks PC35 in a wide variety of pad shapes.



    MA45B / N84M Endurance Racing / Sprint Racing Pad  

    This is the Endurance Racing pad for medium level Endurance Races up to 12 hours, or even 24 hour races for cars like Porsche RSR with full competition brake systems and good pad thickness.

    Friction is relatively low, like all Endurance pads, but the modulation is excellent, disc wear is very low and the fading temperature is high. This compound is also a great choice for Sprint Races on Production Cars with standard Braking Systems which are not very suitable for competition, where its characteristics of good modulation, low disc wear and low temperature conductivity into the brake fluid produce an outstanding result. Friction coefficient 0.30µ - 0.35µ. Temperature range 0-800°C


    YC26A Sintered Endurance Racing Pad  

    This is the Bathurst 12 hour winning pad and the ultimate solution where extremely low pad wear is required. It has a low friction coefficient, but has excellent modulation and preserves the brake discs in excellent condition even after a long race. Like all sintered endurance pads, a high temperature brake fluid like the Endless RF650 is required to ensure a strong brake pedal throughout a long race. It is virtually fade free. Friction coefficient 0.28µ - 0.33µ.


    For a list of other Racing Pads please click here




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