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Brake Kits - Brembo


Brembo is the World's leading manufacturer of braking systems.


Brembo braking systems have been fitted to the most prestige of vehicles including; Aston Martin, Ferrari. Porsche, Audi and BMW - to name a few. These products are now available for most vehicles as an aftermarket upgrade.


The benefits of Brembo Racing technology are carried far beyond the Armco of the worlds racetracks. Using what is learned in the heat of competition is applied to high performance street applications, has driven Brembo engineers to develop the finest replacement brake systems available in the market today.


Brembo designed, tested and manufactures High Performance Brake Kits to provide the highest levels of quality, style and performance available. The Brembo High Performance Brake Kits are comprised of either 1 or 2-piece vented rotors that are from 294 to 380mm in diameter, slotted or cross-drilled. In the 2-piece system, the billet aluminium hats are application specific and have been individually machined to engineering specifications. The Brembo High Performance Brake Kits come with 4 piston and in some applications 8 piston calipers which may be available in your choice of black, red or silver.


Please contact us to enquire about the kits available for your vehicle!


Brembo Caliper Brembo Brake Kit Brembo brake kits
Brembo brake kits Brembo brake kits Brembo Brake Kit



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