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Verbacomm pit-to-car Communication System
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Verbacomm pit-to-car Communication System

Stilo's Verbacomm pit-to-car communication system was developed early in 2011 & is now a much simpler & viable alternative to the traditional method of radio licencing.



The basic Verbacomm system consists of the following:

- 2 x Bluetooth enabled Nokia mobile phones;

- 1 x Pit Crew headset with Push-to-Talk functionality & Noise-cancelling dynamic microphone;

- 1 x All neccessary cables & chargers;


During a race the two telephones are connected via a normal telephone call and connected by a bluetooth connection to both the pit crew headset and the drivers connection module.

The driver unit is small & lightweight (400gms total) that can be fitted to the drivers helmet, or to the car/rollcage & connected to the helmet with the use of an extension cord (included in the kit).


To use the system, the driver simply talks into the microphone to open the line to the pit crew. Pushing the red button on the pit headset allows the crew to communicate with the driver.

Unlike traditional radio systems the Verbacom can offer coverage all around a race circuit and does not require boosters or tall radio masts to get coverage. The system is also fully automated and once a call is set up it will automatically reconnect, without the driver or crew doing anything.

Additional driver modules can be purchased for use in an endurance event and once all are paired with the race car telephone drivers simply jump in and out of the car and will pair with the phone automatically.


* Sim cards must be purchased seperately

Product code: ST CQ0001

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